Home Staging Testimonials

You did a great job and I’m very happy with the staging. Every real estate agent who has come to the house has been very impressed, and I have been very clear how professional and great you are to work with. I look forward to working with you lots more in the future!

Tyler Mattson, Compass, East Hampton, NY January 2016

This was our second transaction with Donna and her fabulous team at Designed to Appeal. Once again, they literally transformed an estate-condition three bedroom prewar listing we had on the Upper East Side. Our clients couldn’t have been more pleased as they received multiple offers and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the asking price in two weeks’ time. Had we not staged the apartment we would have priced the apartment for $300,000 less so it made a $500,000 difference to our sellers. Definitely money well spent!

Christine Miller Martin and Susanne Rhow. Engel & Völkers, February 2015

Donna is efficient and professional and organized and amazing!!! She was able to get in and out of our empty apartment within 2 days and entirely transform the place. It went from a completely empty to a beautifully furnished palace overnight!!! When she sent us the pictures, we could not believe it was OUR apartment! We listed the apartment that weekend and were thrilled to have multiple offers coming in immediately. I cannot recommend Donna highly enough. She is everything that you would want in a professional: honest, creative, detail-oriented, competent, and accountable.

Deb W., Homeowner, New York, NY, November 2014

We were uncertain if we should stage our mother’s apartment, and decided to hire Designed to Appeal. We met with other stagers, who did not get…what needed to change for the space to lose 40 years of neglect and read ‘fresh, warm, I want to live here’. Donna and her team were like Santa Claus. She and the elves… in 48 hours transformed our apartment into a decorator’s showcase. Donna was easy to work with …and I highly recommend that anyone selling an apartment use her. However, once you see her work, you won’t want to sell!

Jenny C., Homeowner, New York, NY September 2014

I was amazed at Donna and her team. They worked quickly and they delivered. What I loved most was the detail – the pencils on the desk and the jewelry on the dresser. This listing sold in one day for over the asking price.

Doreen Courtright, Douglas Elliman, New York, NY May 2014

The result was a complete success! Amazing results! Something magical was happening at the Open House: once there, the buyers did not want to leave. Especially the young children who felt completely at home in the children’s staged bedrooms. Donna does not simply stage. She creates a welcoming home which appeals to the buyers’ senses .

Marie Schmon, Corcoran Group, New York, NY March 2014

Designed to Appeal’s staging was beautifully done and was an integral part of selling the apartment in 8 days’ time and for $100,000 over asking. We are planning on using their services if we sell our new home, even though we’ve moved away from the City – they were that good!

Pamela Weinberg, Homeowner, New York, NY, December 2013

Donna, your staging was simply amazing! I immediately received multiple over-asking price offers. Every buyer fell in love with the apartment décor and remarked how elegant and ‘Park Avenue chic’ the apartment looked. Thank you for giving me a beautifully staged apartment to sell. It was a pleasure working with you.

Arlene Weidberg, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Halstead Property, NY, December 2013

Both my seller and I could not be happier with Designed to Appeal’s staging. After being on the market for 12 weeks, this 4,000 square foot home was not getting the offers we had hoped. Donna came in with her team and put the final touches on the property. Shortly after the first open house with the staging complete, the apartment went into a bidding war. Does staging work?  My answer is 100% yes!

Timothy Rothman, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Corcoran, New York, NY, November 2013

What makes Donna so unique is that she possesses both creative as well as business skills.  Most people either have one or the other. What this means is that not only is the design/staging process beautifully done, but it’s done so expeditiously and efficiently.

Cynthia B., Homeowner, New York, NY, September 2013

Donna staged my apartment in record time using many of my own items, which kept the cost low, while literally transforming the space. The apartment sold in five days with multiple bids, resulting in our receiving more than $100,000 over the asking price. This NEVER would have happened without the expertise of Donna and her team. I enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend her services.

Nuna Alberts, Homeowner, New York, NY, January 2013

You made this place look amazing. It is spectacular! I wanted you to know we got the full asking price immediately on the apartment. Thank you, Donna. I will be sure to recommend you to my associates (though I want to keep you as my own secret weapon!).

Cynthia Crowley, Associate Broker, Olshan Realty, New York, NY, October 2012

I was amazed at how quickly Designed to Appeal transformed my man-cave SoHo loft into a welcoming and inviting living space and all within budget. There is no doubt in my mind that because of Donna’s installation and recommendations, I received multiple offers above asking price all within days of the first showing.   I would highly recommend Donna and her team to any seller who wants to get maximum return for their apartment.

Andy Lee, Homeowner, New York, NY, July 2012

Just wanted to let you know that we went to see the apartment and absolutely love what you did. Your selections were spot-on.  The real estate agent just sent us the photographer’s photos, and it looks phenomenal – can’t believe it’s the same apartment we started with.  And I have to say you were 100% right about how much difference refinished floors and a paint job make. Thanks for all your hard work.

Joan Bogaty, Homeowner, New York, NY, May 2012

It seems that every corner of the house we look at we find the results of your superior eye and judgement! I think you went far beyond the call of duty. The results are terrific! We should have had you in 12 years ago.

William Fairbairn, Homeowner, New York, NY, April 2012

You and your team did a fabulous job. Your ideas were visionary, tasteful. And your tenacity right on. To be honest, we had been reluctant to “stage” the apartment, partly because it was so “unique” and unconventional. But what you have done was to take what was there and make it look better, fresher and unique in a brighter way without in any way making it look conventional.

Mirra Bank and Richard Brockman, Homeowners, New York, NY, December 2011

Thanks for a staging well done! Not only does the apartment look fabulous, you did it all in an amazingly timely way! It’s really like an HGTV staging, but better! Donna, in addition to your artistic eye, you have great attention to detail, which is great! Thank you for your responsiveness and professionalism.  It’s a pleasure to do business with you!

Elizabeth Wood, Homeowner, New York, NY, July 2011

Why Donna Dazzo stands out to me is that she has a creative aesthetic that is very obvious in her work. Her stages have character because she is not afraid to get specific or loud with her installations,and her furniture arrangements never subscribe to the obvious.

Mathew Finlason, Star of HGTV's "The Stagers", February 2011

Donna Dazzo does an amazing job of bringing life to the homes she stages. She truly helps buyers envision what it would be like to live in these properties and is a tremendous asset for any home owner looking to sell.

Raphael De Niro, Managing Director, Douglas Elliman, New York, NY, June 2010

Just wanted to say how great I think the staging looks!!! It looks wonderful and you did an incredible job. It really makes a huge difference! Furniture helps scale a room, and all of a sudden the real size of the rooms is clearly evident. No words can achieve that – just good staging.

Leonard Steinberg, Managing Director, Douglas Elliman, New York, NY, January 2010

Donna Dazzo did a wonderful job staging three high end townhome locations for Aberdeen Townhomes, LLC. We have gotten nothing but impressive comments from the various brokers who have been showing the properties. Her design skills are well matched with her ability to coordinate problem-free delivery and setup as well, on time and within budget too! Great job!

Doug Shaeffer, Chief Financial Officer, Aberdeen Properties, New York, NY, January 2010

When we met Donna, we immediately knew she was the right person for the job. In a no-nonsense manner, she wrote out a detailed plan and wasted no time in getting started on it. Donna made sure that she personally attended to all the details of staging the home. From the window boxes in front of the house to the placement of the children’s books on the bookshelf, Donna did not consider her job done until every last detail was accounted for. Her professional and caring manner gave us the confidence to see this through to the end.

Dina Cahn, Homeowner, New York, NY, October 2008

Donna Dazzo did not do a good job of staging our home, she did a great job! When Donna finished adding both the rental (furniture) and personal touches that she used, each room had a personality and came to life. Rooms that appeared small gained in size. People understood the use for each room. With everything shown to its potential, the house quickly rented. Donna made herself and her talents available to accomplish this both reliably and well. Apart from her considerable talents, Donna made the whole process more of an adventure than a chore.

Nancy L., Homeowner, Southampton, NY, July 2008

I had an immediate need to get our property staged for a potential summer rental. Donna dropped everything and swiftly and cleverly made purchases and organized rentals all within budget. Her eye is so good with unfinished and partially furnished spaces. Without her we could not have quickly rented the house for a six figure price.

Timothy Davis, Homeowner & Senior Managing Director, Corcoran, Southampton, NY, May 2008