What if I have a vacant home to sell?

/What if I have a vacant home to sell?

What if I have a vacant home to sell?

Only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a home. Vacant homes sit on the market even longer than poorly furnished homes. Vacant homes can appear cold, sterile and boxy. That’s why builders always furnish model homes. And with no frame of reference in the form of furniture and accessories, the buyer has no idea if their furniture will fit (empty rooms actually appear smaller than furnished rooms), or what the purpose of the room is (an office or extra bedroom?). Buyers also tend to focus on the little defects because there’s nothing else to look at. And not to be overlooked is the perception by buyers of a vacant home: empty houses = desperate sellers. They’ve already moved out and now have two mortgages to pay, so they must be willing to settle for less. At Designed to Appeal, we will spend time evaluating what furniture and accessories are needed to fit the style of the home and the market it’s in. We will find just the right furniture and accessories to rent or purchase to appeal to the target buyer. We’ll be there to arrange it all properly when the furniture and accessories are delivered, and we’re there when the home is successfully sold and everything needs to be moved out.

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