Why can’t the realtor or owner stage a home?

/Why can’t the realtor or owner stage a home?

Why can’t the realtor or owner stage a home?

Realtors should spend their time doing what they do best: marketing and showing their listings to potential buyers and renters. Homeowners would rather know their realtors are doing this instead of spending hours rearranging furniture, shopping for accessories, and managing repairmen. Owners can’t stage their own homes because they’ve stopped seeing all of its flaws. Most homeowners don’t have the buyer’s eyes that a professional home stager will when walking through the home. The owners have gotten used to walking past the overgrown bushes in the front yard blocking all of the light from coming into the windows. The dated wallpaper and lighting fixtures have been in the bathroom so long that they seem to be part of the family. And owners will be overwhelmed enough with the stress of finding a new home and moving that they won’t have the time or energy to focus on making their home look appealing.

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