If you could invest a few hundred dollars knowing your return on investment could be in the thousands, why wouldn’t you?

 A home staging consultation by a home staging expert will provide you with everything you need to do to make your property look its best to potential buyers.

Studies have shown that the return on investment in staging was 350%.* Furthermore, owner-occupied homes that were staged spent 89% less time on the market in 2008 than owner-occupied homes that weren’t staged.** And the sooner the home is sold, the more the seller saves on mortgages, taxes and utilities.
For a fee of only a few hundred dollars, a Home Staging Consultation involves:
  • Walking through the home, including the front and back yards, with objective, buyer’s eyes – most homeowners are so used to their home’s flaws, they don’t see them anymore
  • An assessment of furniture, decorative accessories, clutter, personal objects, needed repairs, room focal points, balance of furniture, ease of traffic flow through rooms, smells, color, among others
  • Completion of a detailed Action Plan for each room and outside to get the home in show-ready condition 
  • Proposal of staging and other services – the homeowner can do it all themselves or the home stager can help with some or all of it

Here is what one homeowner had to say after I did a home staging consultation:

“Donna Dazzo spent several hours at our home for a home staging consultation.  She immediately impressed us with her keen observations of every detail in each room of our 100 year old converted milk barn.  It was so helpful to hear the comments of this gifted professional.  Her suggestions were clever, ingenious, and down right brilliant.  For every negative…which was always diplomatic… she had a positive viewpoint.  To view our house through someone else’s eyes, who is gifted enough to suggest simple changes that make a big difference…is a win/win situation.”
Carol and Ed Coakley
Southold, New York
* Source: 2007 Home Gain Survey
**Source: Real Estate Staging Association (see Helpful Websites at right)