When selling a home, it is very important that it be light and bright. Buyers do not respond well to dark spaces.

Here are a few home staging tips and tricks to brighten up your home:

  • Remove screens from windows – this lets more of the natural light through
  • Wash the windows – seems to be common sense, but you’d be surprised at what a difference it makes!
  • Remove awnings from windows and over doors
  • Trim or remove overgrown bushes and trees that are in front of windows
  • Replace drapes with sheers where possible – sheers provide warmth and softness to a room but still let the light show through
  • Swap out low wattage bulbs for higher wattage ones
  • Keep all lights turned on during an open house or showings
  • Use uplighting in dark corners – either a tall floor lamp called a torchiere or a can light placed on the floor
  • Place wall and floor mirrors where they can reflect natural


  • Use neutral paint colors on the walls
  • Brighten up dark furnishings with throw pillows or a table runner in bright colors





Doing these simple and inexpensive changes to “lighten and brighten” when selling your home can reap its rewards – a 355% return on your investment, according to aHome Gain survey from 2007.