When I tell people I meet I am a home stager, I sometimes get the response “Oh yeah, so you do things like bake cookies or light candles to make the house smell nice”.  Little do they know everything we do from being a home seller’s psychiatrist to moving furniture.

One of the insights into all the things a home stager might do is to look inside a home stager’s staging kit.

Here’s a picture of my home staging kit (and those items that happen to fit inside of it).

I divided up the items in my kit into three categories:

1.Permanent items – you can’t run out of these, for example, a hammer.

2.Items that won’t fit in my kit – for example, an ironing board

3.Items I can run out of – for example, nails, picture hangers, cleaning supplies
Permanent Items

• Box Cutter

• Extension Chord

• Furniture Movers (see picture below)






• Hammer

• Laser “Tape” Measure

• Laser or Other Level

• Picture Hanger (see picture below)








• Pliers

• Putty Knife

• Scissors

• Screwdrivers

• Staple Gun

• Stud Finder

• Tape Measure

• Wire Cutter

• Wrenches

Items That Won’t Fit in My Kit

• Broom and dust pan

• Drill

• Iron

• Ironing Board

• Power Screwdriver

• Step Stool

• Vacuum

Items I Might Run Out Of

• Band-Aids

• Marker – Black (to fill in scratches on furniture, picture frames, etc.)

• Marker – Brown (ditto)

• Brown Paper (roll) (for under rugs to prevent floor scratching)

• Carpet Cleaner

• Command Hooks

• Duct Tape

• Batteries

• Fantastik

• Flashlight (small)

• Furniture Stick-on Felt Pads

• Furniture Sticks (dark & light) for scratches

• Gloves – latex or rubber

• Glue – all purpose

• Glue – Museum Gel (a removable dab will keep a plate standing on a shelf)

• Krud Kutter or Goo Gone (to remove that seemingly endless supply of price stickers)

• Light Bulbs

• Masking Tape or Paint Tape

• Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (a wonder that removes scratches and marks from walls)

• Nail File

• Nails – Assorted

• Old English Scratch Cover – Dark

• Old English Scratch Cover – Light

• Paint Brushes

• Paper Towels

• Picture Hooks

• Post it pad

• Push-pins (a.k.a. thumb tacks)

• Putty

• Rubber Bands

• Screws – Assorted

• Sponge

• Stainless Steel Cleaner

• Swiffer Duster or Microfiber cloth

• Tape (packing with dispenser)








• Tape (transparent a.k.a. Scotch)

• Toilet Paper (don’t want to get caught without this when staging a vacant property)

• Trash Bags

• Upholstery Pins

• White Out (to fill in scratches in white bathtubs, sinks, or wood molding)

• Windex

• Wrinkle Remover







• Zots (removable – to hold pictures in place)

If you’re a home stager, what do you have in your kit that’s not in mine? Would love to hear from you.